Our most successful SMM exhibition

As the 27th SMM exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, draws to a close we can honestly describe it as our most successful to date.

Current and prospective clients were impressed by demonstrations of our new ‘Sentinel’ reporting system for the analysis of bunker fuel samples.

Intertek ShipCare’s Global Business Development Manager, Maurice O’Donoghue, commented “Previous SMM exhibitions have seen us showcase the chemical screening of bunker fuel samples and the analysis of water samples.

This time we launched our PT5 Technology, which is of particular interest to our clients using ultra low sulphur fuel oils (ULSFOs), and added cathodic protection services, available from Intertek’s Production and Integrity Assurance offices, to the services available to the marine community.

In addition we were able to refer a number of equipment manufacturers, who approached us because they were interested in Intertek business assurance services, to the relevant business line, whether that was in Germany or elsewhere”.

Intertek ShipCare is the marine community’s gateway to the services available from Intertek; a range that continues to expand.