Potential solution for problematic blended fuels

The blept5-imagending of higher sulphur fuels to create a diverse range of non-traditional compliant fuels – often termed “hybrid fuels”, “novel fuels” or ULSFOs -has resulted in new challenges, not least in the way fuels are treated and handled on board vessels.

One of
the benefits of being a member of the Intertek group is being able to draw upon the extensive experience of our parent company. Intertek has acquired a wealth of experience in assisting companies refining heavy crude oils, a process where challenges in quality analyses, assay management, blending and the production of fuels and petrochemicals desirable to the market are very real.

Intertek ShipCare’s organic deposition programme uses PT5 technology – Intertek’s unique hydrocarbon measurement technology, designed to allow refiners to determine the stability of crude oils – in conjunction with Near InfraRed (NIR) techniques, to resolve problems which have become increasingly common in shipping.

The organic deposition programme provides instability constraints that take account of interactions between fuel oils. This data can assist operators in making processing decisions about the storage of different fuels in a tank.